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Interior Design Jobs : Terms of Service

By using this site, you agree to the following understanding of our Terms. If you do not agree, do not, under any circumstances, use the site. All information posted is the copyright property of

All resume information is entered on our forms by independent industry candidates. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. Please visit the resume profile area to observe the date of any posted resume. We remove a resume at the candidates request. Candidates may visit to update their resume information at any time the resume profile is re-dated when it is updated. Employers and Candidates independently enter their information on our forms -we cannot guarantee the accuracy of a listed job opportunity or candidate resume information. Employers posting an opportunity are not required but encouraged to provide complete information to get the best response to their ad.

The information entered on our forms belongs to and may not be contacted, copied, removed or reposted with out our permission.

Please be aware the resumes submitted to are submitted for the sole purpose of being contacted directly by employers for first party interior's industry employment opportunities. We reserve the right to exclude solicitations and second party access to this information. The determination and description of a second party employer is at our discretion. The information in the interior design jobs database is confidential. Employer access to the resume database information is determined by our staff after a review of the employers advertisement. Employers advertised employment opportunities will be reviewed for their relevance to the industry - they may be removed if determined inappropriate to the interiors industry. Refunds will be determined individually.

Please review the resume profiles before you purchase Option One with resume access. If resume access is enabled and one resume is viewed no refund will be provided. Resume information is confidential and may not be shared without the candidates permission.

First party employers requesting resume access must provide an online active company website - The website must directly represent the employer. Any emails provided to receive resumes must contain the company name after the @sign -Example : We reserve the right to deny access to the candidate resume database. Employers from outside the United States my post a job only they may not access the resume database.

Any phone and fax number offered must be affiliated with the first party employer name. A representative may not search the resume database for a first party employer. The determination and description of a first or second party employer is at our discretion.

Employers listing multiple opportunities may access no more than 200 resumes in any 60 day period. Employers may access a total of 400 resumes in any 6 month period. An employer may purchase access to no more than 800 resumes in any one year with access to no more than 400 resumes in any six month period.

Second parties my not receive resumes for an employer by mail, website, fax - phone or email. At the request of our candidates -we do not permit solicitations by staffing firms . Recruiters -Retained or consulting may not access our resume database. These firms may list a job opportunity only and identify themselves. We contact our candidates on a regular basis to collect information.

** If you are an interior design program, school or university in the United States - you must be accredited by the Council for Interior Design Education. to access the candidate resume database. International employers, universities and schools may list a job opportunity only and my not access the candidate resume database.

If you have questions please contact Toll Free: 866-884-6800

We review each customer accessing the candidate resume database. We track IP addresses and log all activity in the resume database. Access will be denied if we observe activity that is out of the average activity and standard that first party employers have previously established when listing with us. Access will be denied if we determine our terms are being violated.

Access will be denied if the IP address does not match the IP address of the Employer. We track the individual resumes accessed. Each first party employer is required to keep their UserID and Password confidential for their use only. Employers will be held legally liable and responsible for our losses if they permit use by others. You may not contact our resume posters for the solicitation of any services. You may not solicit our resume posters to develop a competitive database or job board or to develop a membership /newsletter or customer following. The resumes may not be transferred/ or copied to other databases or presented by recruiters and staffing firms to develop client business or to obtain a fee for a resume that is readily available in our database. We will deny resume access with no refund - if we receive a complaint from a candidate that they were contacted through our service by anyone other than an employer that has a current first party opportunity listed. Staffing and contract firms are not considered first party employers even though they may have a contract with a first party employer.

Employers may post one job in one location with each transaction. The employer name or the location of the job may not be changed after payment is made and the opportunity appears online. Each job listing is to advertise one job for either 30 or 60 days. If an opportunity is filled before the expiration date please contact interiordesignjobs. We will move the job offline to your My Account area. Employers may repost a job in their My Account area by logging in. Employer transaction reports are issued by our secure server they indicate the date and are assigned an identification number to affiliate the transaction with a specific job listing number a specific State - job title and job description. This job number and job title and location are assigned to our candidate newsletter after your transaction is made.

Job postings may not be copied and reposted to other locations. Employer posters wish to be contacted by individual candidate resumes only. They do not wish to be solicited other services employment related or otherwise. This would include,however is not limited to employment websites,independent contractors - outsourcing firms- staffing firms - recruiters etc. These firms may advertise their services on the site in an appropriate area employers will contact them if interested. Soliciting of any type of service is a violation of our terms.

Please contact us immediately - if you are aware of any of these activities.

The above described activities would be considered an interference with the business of and a violation of our copyright and terms of use. Legal consequences would be initiated toward all parties involved in the jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Florida. The laws of Florida shall govern the relationship of the parties. The violator will pay all the expenses thereof including reasonable attorney's fees. InteriorDesignJobs would be liable of no more than $100. A fine of no less than $5,000 per day may be initiated.

By using our site you agree and understand that you may not make a claim against for any damages or responses resulting from advertising with us.

We do not endorse, guarantee or warranty the accuracy or inoffensive nature of any response to your listed resume, job listing or advertisement. We do not guarantee the accuracy of information provided by an advertised product, job listing ,service or resume submitted. Resume profiles are available to search before purchasing option one with resume access.

Advertised opportunities - products or services are displayed without liability from We reserve the right to modify our terms and conditions at any time without notice. You must indicate you agree to our terms before a transaction is made. Please contact - before listing if you have any questions regarding our Terms.

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